(949) 673-3515 x 135 | June 12, 2021

Dorado was launched in 1960, one of five 32 – 33 footers built for James H. Walraven at Sea Boat Company in Costa Mesa.  She was then a double-planked mahogany flybridge sportfisher powered by two gas Chrysler Hemi’s.  In the 90’s, after several owners, several names and some neglect she was recued by a 10-year restoration.  She lost her flybridge, received Volvo diesels and a custom C-Fab tower and became today’s Dorado, an Express Sportfisher.  Dorado was voted Best Overall Boat at Balboa Yacht Club’s Opening Day in 2011, and first in Vintage Class in 2010 and 2010.  She goes on many trips to Catalina and enjoys fishing trips.  And, like a Tinder-type experience, her owner credits Dorado with meeting his wife and their dog!

Owner: Derek New