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WINNER – 2016 Peoples’ Choice Awards
Best Sailboat Under 45′

Owners: Ralph Rodheim, Bob King, Bill Jacoby

City: Newport Beach


Make: South Coast Boat Building Co.

Length Overall: 33 ft.

State: CA

Model: Rhodes 33

Year: 1948


In 1938 the South Coast Boat Building Company in Newport Beach introduced the Rhodes 33, one of several narrow racing boats with deep cockpits designed by Phillip Rhodes. They were

originally designed for class racing in Southern California, where there were 20-30 mile races to offshore islands. The Rhodes 33 also caught on in San Francisco Bay. In 1952 in the Hearst Regatta, there were seven Rhodes 33s racing as a class.  Hull 341 Rhodes has a deep cockpit. Features included a drop in outboard well, a two burner stove and head. Twenty Rhodes 33s were sold before WWII and while domestic production was superseded by the military during the war, twenty two more were launched immediately afterwards. Madness was built in 1948 and was the last Rhodes built. Gavin Herbert owned and raced her for over 40 years until Ralph Rodheim, Bob King and Bill Jacoby bought her in 2006, They began a total restoration project. Today she is actively sailed and raced with the hopes of revitalizing the Rhodes 33 class of racing yachts in southern California (http:www.rhodes33.com organization website).

The Rhodes 33 was originally designed in 1938 for class racing in Southern California, where there were 20-30 mile races to offshore islands.  These events required boats that could accommodate a crew overnight and that were weatherly and reasonably able, for the races were in open waters and often upwind.

The Rhodes 33 also caught on in San Francisco Bay.  In 1952 in the Hearst Regatta, there were seven Rhodes 33s racing as a class.

The Rhodes 33  has a deep cockpit, but not self-bailing, and there is no bridgedeck or high companionway sill.  The rig did not include forward lower shrouds, making tacking easier but leaving the rig less robust.  Auxiliary power is supplied by an outboard fitting through a well in the counter.  The 33s were built by the South Coast Boat Building Company in Newport Beach CA.

maddnessThere is now a Rhodes 33 organization and website at:

South Coast Boat Building Company 1945 brochure

The Rhodes 33 is one of a cluster of narrow racing boats Rhodes designed during this period.  Other boats in this series include the 34′ Lake One Design, (Lake Erie-Ontario), the 36′Evergreen (Pacific Northwest), and the 35′ Eastern Interclub (Connecticut).

The boat pictured is hull #41.  She has been lovingly restored and re-launched in August 2006 in California.
Her owner is interested in rebuilding a class association.  Contact  Ralph.

From Jim:
I am restoring #34 Therapy (ex. Witch)  in San Diego together with Ralph and a few others  We are trying to collect all the information on the surviving boats we can.  Please contact Ralph (above) or me at ( jamesdreyer”at”hotmail.com ) with any information you have about these wonderful classics.

“Black Cloud”

“Black Cloud”

WINNER – 2016 Peoples’ Choice Awards
Best Man/Sail-powered Watercraft

First Name: Don

City: Mission Viejo


Manufacturer: Douglas McCloud

Length Overall: 17 ft.

Last Name: Schaffner

State: CA

Model: Thistle

Year: 1959




WINNER – 2016 Peoples’ Choice Awards
Best Cruiser 40′ and Over

First Name: Wayne

City: Torrance

Boat Name: ATHENA

Manufacturer: Stephens Brothers

Length Overall: 47 ft.

Last Name: Ettel

State: CA

Model: Cruiser

Year: 1927




“Zapata II”

“Zapata II”

[ezcol_1half]Name: Zapata II

Make: Calkins 50

Hull: Wood

Owner: Sage and Kelly Marie

[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Year: 1964

Length: 50’

City: Newport Beach


Owned for the past 34 years by Marion and Jim Jordan, who spend summers sailing this beautiful ketch throughout the Channel Islands. Carefully maintained to preserve the workmanship and beauty of a classic wooden yacht, Zapata II has been the winner of Opening Day awards numerous times.

Zapata II’s history is interesting: Skip Calkins did a lot of sailing in west coast distance racing circuit and had been developing his own ideas about the ideal custom offshore yacht. Chuck Ullman asked him to put the design on paper and the result was a 50 foot light displacement, fin keeled yacht called Legend, the predecessor of the Calkins 50. Legend won the 1957 Transpac. As the first ultralight displacement yacht to go on the race, it was subsequently banned from the next two Transpacs for being out of the “norm,” In the end, Legend was the catalyst that permanently changed yacht designs for downwind racing. The boat was a rocket ship downwindAfter Legend was lost aground in the fog in the Channel Islands, Stuart MacDougall had Zapata built in 1964 to exactly the same plans to have a very competitive boat – and did very well in many races, as did Andy Zimbaldi, who was an owner prior to the Jordans.

Zapata is 50 feet overall, 10 feet 6 inches beam, and 7 feet 6 inches draft. Her overall displacement is a very light 22,000 pounds. Engine is Perkins 4-108 diesel; generator is Fischer Panda 7 kw. Construction is strip-planked mahogany.

The great sailing vessel accommodates 2 couples for cruising, or a larger group for day sailing with the large center cockpit.




BYC Wooden Boat Festival Friday

“Uncle Erwin”

“Uncle Erwin”

[ezcol_1half]Boat UNCLE ERWIN




[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Year 2014

Length 19’6”



Uncle Erwin was built by Dave Carroll from lines that he took from a boat in the Lake windemere Steamboat Museum in England. This particular design was build in production about 1916 for use on the lakes I Ontario, Canada. The Uncle Erwin is built from lapstrake construction using Brunzil plywood. The decks, seats and coamings are of teak, and the laminated sterns, and rubrail are of ash. The steam bent ribs are oak and the entire hull is coated with West Resin.






[ezcol_1half]Boat ROCK-A-BYE


Model CRADLE – Skiff/Row boat


[/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Year 2000

Length 45”



Rock A Bye 1Rockabye was built in 2000 by Barry Mason for his first grandchild. She is 45 inches long with a 24-inch beam.