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The Balboa Yacht Club put on an Outstanding Event with the Wooden Boat FestivalUN

The Balboa Yacht Club

By Robert Owen Deane

The Wooden Boat Festival was showcased at one of the most beautiful settings on Newport Harbor – The Balboa Yacht Club.

Just so you know where they are, head for Latitude 33°36′ 15″ North, Longitude 117°52′ 59″ West. I know many people were impressed and left with the Club on their minds; I sat next to a gentleman who said he may change his club to one with reciprocal privileges.

Yes, he was that impressed. An so was I and a large number of other people. Over 700 people attended the event to view over 50 fine wooden boats. 

The wooden boat festival

The Balboa Yacht Clubs says of itself, “We are a community of dedicated friends, sharing a passion for excellence in yachting”, and I felt that friendship as I was invited aboard the Galatea. The Galatea is a 38 foot Matthews 38 owned by Allen Stewart.

She was built in 1941 and the great thing about these old wooden boats is that the owners cherish their history. Allen shared the history of his boat and I look forward to reading it.  Thats being friendly, and when it comes to a wooden boat, you know he has to have a passion for excellence in yachting.  That passion for excellence was apparent in every boat I viewed.

The Balboa Yacht Club

One of the highlights of the show was the Humble.

Humble is a 52 foot powerboat built in England circa 1902 and restored and brought to California by the boat owner, Victoria Fash.  Fash’s first name Victoria is perfect for this boat. Victoria, queen of England, died in 1901, around the time Humble was built.  The decorating of the boat had its history in mind. A candelabra and an old Victrola (you know one of those new-fangled talking machines that play music) were part of the decor.

The Wooden Boat FestivalCatching my eye as I arrived at the event was the Black Cloud , a 17 foot Thistle built in 1959. It is small but a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

When it comes to a wooden boat, Chris Craft is one of the best examples of a boat worth restoring and keeping, and the Wooden Boat Festival had some excellent examples. No Corkage and Last Call both caught my attention.

The Wooden Boat FestivalAnd yes, I did, with this incentive, have a cold beer while overlooking the Harbor and reminiscing how thankful I was the the Balboa Yacht Club brought us this festival. And yes, HOM Sotheby’s International Realty, being the presenting sponsor did enhance you brand; keep up the good work.

 Enjoy my photos- See What You Missed – put this event on your calendar for next year.