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2015 Winners
BYC Wooden Boat Festival Awards

People’s Choice Results

  • Launches – Humble owned by Victoria Fash
  • Cruisers under 45 feet – Colnett, owned by Steve Farwell and Bunker Hill
  • Cruisers over 45 feet – Tonina, owned by Rick and Merrie Fricke
  • Runabouts – Firecracker owned by Mark and Tracy Widder
  • Human Powered or Sailboat exhibited on land – Joyful owned by Bill Dunlap
  • Powerboat exhibited on land – Hungry Blonde, owned by Mike Davis

Special Awards

  • Best Power Boat – Four Bells, owned by Jim Busby
  • Best Sailboat – Black Colud owned by Don Schaffner
  • Best of Show – Kail Ezra owned by Kevin Roberg

Each of the three special award winners received a hand-crafted trophy by Robert Kingaard and a watch from Black, Starr & Frost.



Joyful was built in 2014 as a traditional 16’ Whitehall rowing boat (circa 1820). She is lap-staked, planked with Port Orford cedar on yellow oak frames and is fastened with over 900 copper rivets. Her stem and keel are made of oak and her transom, seats and rails our...



In her day, Humble was considered the most beautiful yacht on the Thames River.

She hosted many distinguished guests, including English and European Royalty. In fact, she was so popular that the Prince of Wales commandeered her for a grand European tour in the early 1900s. Celebrating over 100 years of history, Humble is an English “Victorian Gentleman’s Launch”. Built in Kensington England, circa 1902, Humble is believed to be the largest surviving electric boat of her era.